Motion Detection Ultimate


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Landscape Video

Birds detection& gogole drive

Motion detection

How to Guide

1. How to start motion detection?

Press "Start" in the "Big Red Button" to start recording
Press the "Stop" in the "Big Grey Button" to stop


2. Disclamer

I am making free motion detection apps for different platforms for a long time. this is an example from 20 years ago MyI4U For Windows

I am constantly improving the motion detection and trying different algorithms. hopefully in the end - start motion detection will be as simple as the start recording.

3. Definitions

  • Motion detection algorithm - small animal3 - optimized to small animals(fast moving small objects)
  • Adaptive size - like small animal3 but you can also set the object conectivity at the end of the settings. also, faster adaption of the background/reference image
  • Object connectivity - If detection was discovered, check also 5 out of 8 neighbours. Object connectivity - is how far are those neighbours should be from the original detection- 1,2,4 or 8 pixels. Sensitivity is how many total detections in one image define a detection.
  • Fast and optimized - optimized to big objects like humans
  • Draw on Preview - use it to see in real time the detection. do not use it if you do not have to cause it uses more battery(extra display). You will need to approve also "Settings:Camera:Preview on Top"